Evictions are at best a touchy situation. Whether you are the homeowner, the new homebuyer, or the lending company, you need a moving company who is both sensitive and efficient to ensure that all belongings are removed from the home respectfully.


Ace Midwest Moving & Storage provides comprehensive eviction moving services for residential and commercial properties in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. We understand the nature of eviction moving and can handle the entire removal process professionally.


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Properly Handling Evictions

Evictions occur when either a mortgage company or a landlord decides to remove an occupant or business from a property. Since most evictions are court-ordered, there is always some tension involved on every level.


A moving company must learn to navigate the process with the least amount of friction possible. Thus, a successful move includes the following the considerations:

Occupant Interaction

Will the occupants be present during the move? If so, what is the game plan for handling the occupants with the utmost dignity and respect while following the instruction of the client? If you are a lender or landlord, you have an agreement with the occupant that their presence is required to move their items out.

Notices and Official Documents

Before we remove a tenant or company’s items from the premises, the lending company or landlord must fill out the proper paperwork and provide a fair notice according to lending or rental regulations mandated by the state of Minnesota.


We are not legally allowed to remove someone from a property until the landlord or bank submits all legal documents and notices. We may request to review those documents before proceeding with the eviction.

Working With the Occupants

If you are the homeowner or tenant that has hired us to carry out the move, we are happy to handle the removal of all items according to your specifications. We treat all clients with the same level of dignity and respect regardless of whom they are or the circumstances of the eviction.


Keep in mind that if you hire a professional service over legal service to remove your items, a city marshal or sheriff may be required to accompany us while we move all items. You will need to tell us where we are taking all items, as well as set up a moving date and time in advance. Although it is possible to remove items at the last minute, we do not want to rush the movie.

Eviction Moving Services vs. Legal Moving Services

If you are a landlord or lender, you are not allowed to enter a living space to remove any items. Therefore, you have two options:


1.      Hire a legal service to move the items

2.      Hire an eviction service to move the items


What are the pros and cons?


Legal services are expensive and can be a hassle. Eviction moving services are more cost-effective and provide more flexibility for the client.


When the landlord hires an eviction-moving service, he or she must incur all the expenses and assume any responsibility for damage to the property during the eviction moving out process.  However, hiring a professional service will ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

Other Considerations When Hiring an Eviction Moving Company

Here are some other items to consider when hiring an eviction moving company:


●        Such jobs typically cost more than the regular moving and packing jobs, because the professional movers have to pack everything- even garbage.

●        Our moving company is not legally allowed to throw anything out, so even if it looks like garbage, it has to be packed and labeled.

●        Before hiring eviction-moving services, it’s essential to check that the mover is licensed and trustworthy. It’s important to get a couple of estimates that do not exceed binding quotes.

●        Since an eviction moving out is an already extremely complicated situation, beware of the signs of a moving scam.

Moving Services From Local Minneapolis Movers

If you are moving to or from Minneapolis, let Ace Moving & Storage help you with all of your moving needs. We offer complete moving services for both residential and commercial clients in the Twin Cities metro area.


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