It seems like homeowners these days are not looking to scale up, but, rather, scale down the amount of square footage they're willing to occupy. If you started out with only a few belongings and not much excess, making a move to a smaller home could be a breeze. If you've lived in the same large house for thirty years, however, but you're tired of maintaining everything, reducing your floor plan could present a challenge.


Ace Midwest Moving works with families and businesses across Rochester and Minneapolis. Our local Minneapolis movers provide practical solutions, equipment, and a workforce to help your move be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Below are four tips for moving into a smaller space.


1. Make Plans for Downsizing Now

Downsizing is a broad concept that entails a lot of work and detail-oriented planning. So if you think you can suddenly move all of your belongings into a space half the size of the one you're in now, you may need to prepare for a reality check. Downsizing includes a careful consideration of what goes and what stays. And remember: a lot of it is going.


2. Take As Little With You as Possible

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is thinking that they'll take everything with them and then downsize once they get to their new home. This approach creates far more work than is necessary and could cost you more in storage, equipment rental, and hiring a crew.


3. Get a Storage Unit

There's a good chance that you'll need to rent out a storage unit - at least at first - as you get settled into your new home. Residential moving in Minneapolis can often result in not being able to find a storage unit on moving day. Therefore, we suggest that you take advantage of our crating and storage service long before the move date. You can begin moving items into the unit immediately.


4. Decide What Goes and What Stays

The may be the most difficult part of the downsizing, but it's also rewarding knowing that you're not tied down to your junk anymore. You should start by making a list of the items you can't bear to part with and then start prioritizing from there. You can also make a list of items that you no longer want. Again, do this long before move day, and don't take the stuff with you.



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