Before you sign on the dotted line and move all your items into a storage facility, you should ask some core questions to make sure the facility will meet your needs. Ace Midwest Moving & Storage is happy to answer any questions you may have about our units. Feel free to visit our facility and check out the space available. When you call or visit, be prepared to ask the following questions:


How Secure Are The Storage Units?

Security should be the top priority for anyone unloading their belongings into a storage unit. What type of protection should you look for? The storage units should be on the inside of the building. A company will also strategically place cameras throughout the facility. Last, all doors into the building should be locked and entry-coded.


Are There Smoke Alarms and Sprinkler Systems in the Building?

If you store your belongings in a climate controlled interior unit, you do risk losing them in a fire. The risk is significantly reduced with fire alarms and sprinkler systems scattered throughout the building. Look for alarms and sprinkler systems throughout the interior.


What, if Any, Access Limits are There?

You may be surprised to find out that, under certain circumstances, the facility may not grant you access. Asking about access limit accomplishes two things: First, it lets you know when you can and cannot retrieve your items. Second, it lets you know how easy or difficult it is to get into the facility.


Do You Have Month-to-Month Rental Plans?

You may need a storage unit for only a month or two until you get settled into your new place. Find out about the storage facility rental units by the month. Remember, month-to-month rentals may carry an additional fee or a higher rate since your commitment is for a short time.


What is the Vacancy Rate and Fees?

A lot of companies will publish their vacancy rates, but leave out additional fees until you commit to a rental. But you’re only interested in the bottom line, so ask up front about all possible rates, fees, and if there are any penalties for any reason. Try to get specific quotes and get them in writing or a document, if possible.


Climate-Controlled Storage from Ace Midwest

In addition to complete moving service, Ace Midwest Moving and Storage also provides clean, secure climate-controlled storage units. You can use our storage units for both personal and business reasons. If you prefer to store your items in your driveway or parking lot, this option is available as well. You’re not limited to our storage warehouse. Our moving trucks have detachable cabs so we can leave the trailer with your packed away items. To find out more about services we offer in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, contact us at 763-755-2045, or you can message us at