One of the most important questions you’ll ask when moving is who is going to perform all the duties. Who is going to drive the truck? Who is going to load the valuables? Where will the surplus of items be stored? The most significant question you may ask, however, is if you’ll let local Minneapolis movers do the packing for you. What it comes down to is if you trust a team of professionals to handle your belongings.  While there is always an inherent risk in letting a company pack for you, there are also several benefits that could make your relocation go more smoothly. We explore some of these benefits below.


Greater Care with Your Valuables

Believe it or not, professional movers from Ace Midwest Moving will handle your items as carefully as you do. We know exactly how to pick up bulky objects, how to place them in boxes, and how to secure them so that they do not break. We can take care of your dishware, glass, mirrors, keepsakes, and other valuables that require particular attention. You can feel confident that all of your household items will arrive at your destination safely.


Professional Packing is More Efficient

Why spend two weeks packing, when a residential moving company can do it in just a few days? When you hire Ace Midwest Moving to pack for you, we follow a simple step-by-step process of packing each item efficiently. We go from room to room and develop the right strategy for putting all your belongings in the right size boxes according to how you want them organized.


A Safer Moving Experience

When you move heavy boxes, appliances, and large furniture, things can go wrong. One misstep can lead to an injury or a damaged item. We have the right equipment and a team of strong, healthy movers that can lift all heavy objects and pack the boxes without any injuries. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk during residential moving in Minneapolis. Trust our moving crew who can help you relocate safely. We can pack your entire house no matter how large it is.


Ace Midwest Movers is the Twin Cities #1 Moving Company

At Ace Midwest Moving, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our company. We provide quality service, safe and efficient moving, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. We offer the right equipment, transportation, and packing services designed to suit your moving needs. To schedule a moving date, contact us at 763-755-2045, or you can message us at