Whether you're moving across town or the country, it is essential to hire a moving company that is reputable, honest, and will protect your valuables during the transition. Before hiring a moving company, there are some fundamental questions you should ask. We cover some of the most critical questions below.


Ask About the Moving Crew

A critical characteristic of any moving company is its movers. The moving team must be competent enough to handle all valuables both large and small. Our moving crew is extensively trained to move your belongings into a truck, drive them down the road, and unload them in a manner that is professional and safe. They know what type of packaging to use for an item and how to wrap it safely. You can feel confident that all of our movers and drivers will deliver all of your goods to your destination without damaging them.


Does the Moving Company Hire its Crew?

Although you should assume that a moving company hires its crew, that's not always the case with some companies. Ace Midwest Moving and Storage employs a full team of experienced, reliable, and professional movers you can count on to do an excellent job without all the hassle. We train our team to ensure quality work with every job we perform. Our goal is to hire full-time workers with which we can establish a healthy long-term relationship. This approach benefits all of our customers and builds our reputation as the most dependable moving company in Minneapolis.


Industry Certifications

Most industries have certification programs to distinguish the top companies in any area. Ace Midwest Moving and Storage is dedicated to growing and improving our service to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work. For this reason, we take every opportunity to certify our company and our workers and earn the highest credentials in our industry. We engage in the industry's best practices and train each member of our crew to do the same. We are happy to show any licensing or certification documentation to you. All you have to do is ask!


Get an Estimate

If you're wondering how much it will cost for us to move you and your family, then we can provide an estimate of all products and services rendered for the job. We write all of our estimates down and provide an itemized list so that you know where your money is going. There are also no hidden fees or costs. We base our estimates on a wide range of options that are available to you. We are happy to go over all of the options and come up with a final figure.


If you would like to get an estimate today, then contact Ace Moving and Storage. We provide a wide range of residential and commercial moving products and services for clients in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. To schedule a date and get an estimate, call us at 763-755-2045.