If you’re moving your business from one location to another, there's a lot to consider when preparing and planning. Like any other large project that a company decides to tackle, it's best to break up the workload by assigning detailed tasks to certain individuals. So with the main virtue being early planning and communication, here's a look at what to consider when moving a business.

Estimate A Timeline

The only way you'll have a smooth transition is if you create a timeline that describes each stage of your move. So, in order to make sure your schedule is grounded in reality, you'll want to run your timeline by all team members assisting you with the move. Many can have unrealistic expectations when it comes to planning a move, so it's important to run every move by your department. Smaller offices may only need roughly three months for preparation, as large to medium-sized businesses may need at least eight months (or more) to plan a move.

New Space Placement

Try to gather as much information as you possibly can on the new area you plan to conduct business in. Information, such as the floor layout or the blueprint, can help you visualize where you want your office equipment stored and utilized. In addition to this, know where the electrical outlets are to avoid moving around equipment for a second time to accommodate your office supplies.


Another great idea would be to compare the old space and the new space to correct layouts that didn't work at the soon-to-be former office space. If you need some structural work done to the new space before the move, that should be planned before your office begins settling in at the new location.

Conduct Meetings During The Move

Even when you're in between office spaces, it's important to keep meetings going so everyone can remain on the same page during the move. One minor mistake can create a domino effect problem in the event of miscommunication, so it's important to remain on top of communication until everyone is settled into the new residency. Regardless of how smooth the transition is, moving can be stressful and it can take a toll on your employees if one of them is uninformed.

Build Your Team For The Move

Hiring moving professionals for your move is your best bet for a smooth transition. Having your employees move the office equipment is not only dangerous, but it cuts into time that could be spent operating business as usual so that your company won't miss a step when it finds its new home.


When hiring professional movers for your move, it's important to select a moving company that knows what they're doing. Thankfully, Ace Moving & Warehousing is exactly who you're looking for. Contact us today for more information regarding how you can help your business settle in to its new home.