There are several instances in which an individual needs to have their belongings packed away in storage for an extended amount of time. However, the main concern here is knowing how to pack items that may be in storage anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Since storing items for such a long time can be incredibly stressful, we're going to touch on what you should consider when packing items to be left in storage for an extended amount of time.

Pack The Items Properly

By properly storing and packing your items, you can guarantee they'll be secure during their residency at a different location. If you can manage to take the time to carefully pack your items, you'll find much less of a hassle when storing and removing your items. Whether you’re packing glassware or furniture, you'll want to make sure everything valuable is off of the floor to avoid potential damage. Even if your storage plans are short term, careful planning during packing can save you considerable amounts of stress and damage to your property.

Look Into Climate Controlled Storage

As listed above, many of your items may require climate controlled storage. Climate sensitive items, such as wood furniture and electronics, will require a climate controlled storage unit to remain in excellent condition. Although such units do cost a bit more money than a regular storage unit, they allow you to rest easy since you're aware that your items aren't being damaged by harsh temperatures and humidity while they're not in use.

Consider How Much Needs To Be Stored

When you're glossing over your items to see what needs to be stored, consider your needs for a storage unit. Do you need a place to tuck away items that wouldn't be harmed by temperature drops? Should you keep items in a climate controlled area to prevent them from damage? Do you want a space that can keep a group of items compact for a big move, or do you want a large space that allows easy access to your property whenever you need it? So when weighing these options, it's important to think about the needs of the items going into storage and the accommodations they'll need to remain in excellent condition.


Considering the information above, there's a lot to consider when packing your items and putting them into storage. Thankfully, Ace Moving & Warehousing is here to help alleviate the common stressors that come with making such a decision. Contact us today for further information on how we can store your precious items for future use!