Moving your items can be a bit of a balancing act. Knowing how to pack and protect each belonging requires skill and attentiveness. Ace Midwest Moving offers full packing services for both residential and commercial moves. You can use our expertise and training to help you pack your items so that they stay safe. Below are some tips on how to pack five common household items (and some not so common).


1. Ceramic/Glass Plates

One of the greatest challenges to packing plates is stacking a weighty item on top of another weighty item. One bump in the truck can damage the entire stack. Therefore, you should pack plates vertically in small or medium boxes. Separate the plates with bubble wrap.


2. Glasses

Glasses are often hard to stack due to their many shapes and sizes. Therefore, if you wrap glass, do so with packing paper. Fill each glass with crumpled paper to diminish the open space. Use plenty of packing paper to separate the glasses both side to side and top to bottom.


3. Lamps

Never pack a lamp with the lampshade intact. Rather, you should separate each and have a game plan for packing them securely in boxes. The shade should be packed with the flat side down. You should also pack the base vertically in a large box with plenty of padding around. Do not set anything on top of the shade or the base.


4. Picture Frames

You should individually wrap large picture frames that are too big to go into a box. We recommend wrapping them in bubble wrap or padded paper. Medium or small picture frames should go into a box. You should place them vertically into the box and separate them with plenty of padding. Make sure that picture frames go on top of a stack. Otherwise, the weight could crush them.


5. Mirrors

Like other items in which glass is a key component, you should always stand mirrors up. Wrap them at least twice in bubble wrap. For added protection for your valuable mirrors, we suggest that you place them between two soft mattresses. You'll need to make sure that there is a snug fit between the mattresses so that the mirror can't slide out as the moving truck is accelerating or braking.


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