If you’re in the military, then you can choose to hire us to help you move to a new house or military base anywhere in the country or overseas. Ace Midwest Moving & Storage is a certified DITY (Do-it-yourself) moving company. We partner with Atlas Van Lines to help military personnel and their families make a smooth transition to a new location. There are some guidelines you will need to be aware of when choosing your own moving company. These instructions are listed below.


Necessary Documentation:

Before we help you move, you will need to fill out some required military documents. These forms include the following:


●        DD 1351-2 voucher for traveling

●        DD 2278: Application for a DITY Move

●        Permanent Change of Station travel orders

●        Certified weight tickets (Gross weight and Tare weight)

●        Paid rental agreement

●        Vehicle registration for privately owned vehicle, boat, or trailer


Common Operating Personnel Expenses

Feel free to utilize all of our services, moving personnel, and equipment or supplies. We will provide an itemized list and receipts for all your moving expenses so that you can turn them in for reimbursement. The military will compensate you for certain costs if you choose to move on your own. Below is a list of expenses that the military will cover and a list of expenses that they will not cover.


       Personal expenses authorized by the military include:


●        Truck and trailer rental

●        Packing materials

●        Packing blankets and furniture pads

●        Dollie or hand truck

●        Fuel, oil, and toll booth when renting a truck


Personal expenses NOT authorized by the military include:


●        Tow dolly

●        Transporting your vehicle

●        Travel insurance

●        Sales tax on purchases

●        Food and lodging during trip

●        Fuel for driving additional cars


Moving Checklist

You should start planning for your move at least eight weeks in advance. By doing so, you will have plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements without feeling the stress. We have put together a moving checklist guide to get you started. Our Ace Midwest Moving & Storage specialists are also here to answer your questions or need a team of professional movers to help you. You can take advantage of our rental equipment and supplies, which will be helpful for lifting and packing your household items. We also provide safe storage for all the valuables you can’t fit into your new place.


Professional Moving Service for Military Personnel!

Ace Midwest Moving & Storage provides professional, comprehensive moving service for all military personnel in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. We offer low rates, friendly service, and dependable moving transportation and equipment. We specialize in residential moving, corporate relocations, and commercial move. Contact us at 763-755-2045 and schedule your next transfer.