For most people, being excited about a move means being enthusiastic about arriving at the destination. And the moving steps that lead up to the arrival? Most people would rather avoid them. That’s why moving companies exist — to help lighten the load so to speak.

Professional movers are highly skilled in a wide variety of move-related tasks, including packing, loading, furniture assembly, and much more. When you hire a full-service company, you’ll have access to several moving services that can take a considerable number of to-dos off your plate.

What exactly can professional movers and packers do for you? Read on to find out.

Provide All of Your Packing Materials

Trying to figure out which packing supplies you need and the quantity that’s appropriate for your home can be difficult. And if you don’t estimate correctly, you’ll end up wasting your valuable time making multiple trips to your local moving supply store or searching around town for used boxes. Why go to all that trouble when you could simply someone to bring everything directly to your home?

When you hire full-service professional movers, they’ll supply all the packing materials you’ll need. In addition to boxes, tape, and labeling supplies, your movers will also bring padding and furniture blankets to ensure your home and belongings are protected from dents, dings, and scratches during the loading and transport process.

Pack and Unpack Your Belongings

Professional movers and packers don’t just bring the supplies; they also use those supplies to pack up your entire home. For most people, packing is a daunting task, not only because it requires so much time but also because it must be done with precision to protect against damage. That’s where hiring full packing services can be a huge help.

Professional packers are highly skilled in proper packing techniques. They’ll not only ensure your belongings are protected but will also pack up your entire home as efficiently and quickly as possible. Why stress about packing when working with the pros can save you so much time?

Transport Your Things Safely

Not sure you need a pro to pack up your home? Even if you want to handle the packing process yourself, a moving company can still help simplify your relocation. After all, professional movers are highly skilled at loading and transporting belongings. They can show up at your home on the day you plan to move, load all of your stuff onto the truck, and get everything to your new home as efficiently and safely as possible.

Think about it: If anyone knows how to load belongings and drive a huge moving truck safely, it’s the guys (and gals!) who’ve been trained specifically for the job.

Want peace of mind knowing your things are safe? Check out why you need moving insurance if you’re hiring a moving company.

Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture

Are you planning to move heavy, bulky, or tough-to-assemble furniture? Perhaps a couple of bed frames, office desks, or a dining table and chairs? It’s wildly inefficient and difficult to attempt to move those things intact, and if you do end up trying to, you’ll quickly find they take up too much room in the moving truck. Professional movers and packers can solve that conundrum for you.

When you hire full packing services, your movers will not only disassemble your furniture and organize its hardware, but they’ll also reassemble everything at your new home. Plus, they’ll position your furniture exactly where you want it, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll shuffle heavy, bulky items around.

Get Rid of Used Packing Materials

Don’t want a bunch of used boxes and packing materials lying around after your move? Not sure you’ll remember to schedule an additional pickup with your new waste management service? Your movers and packers can handle the disposal job for you.

After they unpack your belongings, your movers can load up all of the used packing materials you’re ready to get rid of and haul them away. Why worry about how you’ll get rid of all those scrap materials yourself when the pros can save you the hassle?

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