Do you own more stuff than you currently have room for? Are you moving soon and can’t fit everything you own in your new home? Then you’ve likely considered renting a storage unit where you can stow your surplus or seasonal belongings. But before you sign a contract, you should know: Not all storage units are created equal.

When it comes to selecting a self-storage unit, you can choose a standard unit — the more economical type — or a climate-controlled unit, which will be a little pricier. If you’re storing anything valuable or prone to temperature- or moisture-related damage, climate control is the way to go. Why? Read on to find out.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units Are More Secure

Since climate-controlled units are housed within a building, they are considerably more secure than standard units that have access doors anyone can tamper with. Most climate-controlled storage facilities also feature security systems and regular monitoring for additional protection and peace of mind.

At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we also perform routine inventory inspections and verifications. This extra step helps ensure your belongings are safe and secure for as long as you store them at our facility.

Climate-Controlled Storage Is Weatherproof

When you opt for a climate-controlled unit, there’s no risk that inclement weather might cause damage to your belongings. These types of units are housed within a building and require entry into the building for access. Standard units, on the other hand, have outdoor access doors — typically an overhead-type door — that can allow in water and other potentially damaging natural elements.

If you want assurance that your furniture, artwork, clothing, or other sensitive items will not sustain damage or deterioration resulting from weather conditions, climate control is the way to go.

Climate-Controlled Storage Is Largely Pest Proof

Are you planning on storing furniture, clothing, artwork, home decor, documents, or media? If so, you should know that a standard storage unit may not provide the level of pest protection those belongings require.

Rodents and insects can do considerable damage to any items that may be sensitive to temperature or moisture fluctuations. Unfortunately, standard storage units are not always tightly sealed, especially near the access door, which means pests can often find their way into these types of units.

That’s not the case with climate-controlled storage. Since each unit’s access door is inside a building, the risk of insect or rodent intrusion is extremely low. If you want the best protection from pest-related damage to your belongings, opting for an indoor unit is the only way to go.

Precision Control Over Temperature & Humidity in Each Unit

Climate-controlled storage units are kept at a constant temperature and humidity level year-round. In Minnesota, that’s remarkably important for several types of items you may want to store, including:

●        Wood furniture

●        Upholstered furniture

●        Artwork

●        Musical instruments

●        CDs, DVDs, records, and other types of media

●        Electronic equipment

Since both temperature and humidity levels can fluctuate pretty wildly in our climate, your valuables can experience expansion, contraction, and moisture damage in a standard unit. In a climate-controlled room, however, those types of damage simply aren’t possible since the environment is tightly monitored and controlled at all times.

You Can Opt for Short- or Long-Term Storage

Whether you only need storage for a couple of weeks while you move or need long-term storage for items you rarely use, climate-controlled storage can meet your needs. At Ace, we offer both short- and long-term storage solutions to suit a wide variety of needs. We know there’s no sense in signing a long-term contract if that’s not what you need, so we’ll always do our best to accommodate you.

Storage Attendants Are On-Site for Security and Informational Purposes

When you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, there will be a facility employee on-site. He or she provides continuous security monitoring while on duty and can also answer any questions you may have. With a standard unit, on the other hand, there’s not always facility staff available, which may put your belongings at risk for theft or vandalism.

Need Climate-Controlled Storage in Rochester? Ace Moving Is at Your Service

If your home or office doesn’t have enough room for all your stuff, let our team at Ace Moving & Warehousing help you out! We offer secure, climate-controlled storage units in Rochester and have proudly served the area since 1958. If necessary, we can also help you pack up your surplus belongings and transport them to our secure facility for safekeeping.

To learn more about your storage options with us, feel free to call our Rochester office today at (507) 288-3341 or connect with us online, and we’ll be in touch.