Moving is a lot of work, and if you’re considering tackling the job by yourself, more power to you. But know this: Hiring a moving company can make your upcoming relocation significantly easier and less stressful. Though hiring professional movers in the Twin Cities will involve an investment, it’s important to think about the cost-benefit ratio of the moving services you’re paying for. 


For most people — that is, 95% of relocators who recently hired moving services — professional movers and packers are worth every penny. Curious why? The team at Ace Moving & Warehousing explains below.


Professional Movers Save You Time

How long might it take you to organize, downsize, pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack all of your belongings? For most people, the process requires at least three months from the planning phase through the execution of the move itself. The packing process alone can require several days depending on the size of your house and the amount of stuff you own.


With professional movers on your team, you’ll save a substantial amount of time, especially if you opt for full packing services. The pros have these tasks down to a science, which means they can get the work done in a fraction of the time you’d need to tackle the job yourself.


If you’re a busy person (who isn’t?), anything that saves substantial time is worth your serious consideration.


Full Packing Services Dramatically Reduce Move Stress

Do you know how to properly protect and pack all of your belongings? What about your super breakable, super valuable stuff? If you’re unsure how to wrap and pack those types of items, the risk of damage and breakage with a DIY move is high. That’s where full packing services can be a huge help.


Professional packers have extensive training in packing best practices for even the most delicate items. They not only know how to secure your belongings properly, but they also know how to complete the work in an efficient, timely fashion.


Plus, when you opt for full packing services, you never need to worry about whether you’re purchasing the right moving supplies or the appropriate quantity.


Moving Services Allow You to Focus on Other Life Obligations

A reputable residential moving company will help walk through the steps of your move and answer any questions you may have. Given the tremendously long list of tasks related to the average move, having experts on your side can help you free up time to focus on your job, family, and other life obligations.


Hiring Professional Movers Is Surprisingly Cost Effective

Though hiring a moving company involves an investment, making the investment is often more cost-effective than tackling a relocation on your own. Consider the following expenses you’re likely to incur with a DIY move:


●        Truck rental

●        Moving equipment rental (dollies, floor trucks, floor pads, etc.)

●        Moving supplies (boxes, tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, other packing materials, etc.)

●        Refueling the moving truck and your personal vehicles

●        Paying for any damage to the truck or equipment

●        Time off from work to handle packing and transport


That’s not a complete list. DIY relocations have a way of getting far more expensive than most people plan for. Plus, you have to factor in the cost of your time. How much is that worth? When you add it all up, the cost-benefit ratio of professional moving services is definitely positive. Ultimately, the value outweighs the expense.


Moving Companies Offer Customizable Services

A high-quality moving company will offer customizable rather than cookie-cutter moving services. That means you can build your own moving package to suit your unique needs.


If you’re unsure how to plan your move or simply don’t have the time, look for a company that offers custom move plans. Having a pro plan and coordinate your relocation can take a huge weight off your already-burdened shoulders.


Professional Movers Help Protect Your Safety

Professional movers and packers understand how to lift, load, and handle even the heaviest, bulkiest items in your home. Do you know how to handle those items safely? The pros are trained piano movers, furniture movers, appliance movers, and recreational equipment movers. They handle all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to risk accidents and injuries on move day.


Moving Companies Offer Liability Protection

When you hire a moving company, you get insurance; liability coverage (released value protection) comes standard. With this level of protection, you can file a claim for reimbursement if any of your items incur damage or get lost in transit.


Currently, release value protection will reimburse you $0.60 per pound per article. So if you own antique vase that weighs 15 pounds and it cracks, you’ll get a $9 reimbursement for that item. Given the rather paltry reimbursement, for most people, basic liability coverage isn’t enough.


While released value protection is included in the cost of your move, paying a little extra for full value coverage can give you additional peace of mind. If you’re not sure about the level of coverage you need, your moving company can help you figure that out.


Reputable Moving Companies Maintain High-Quality Equipment and Vehicles

When you hire reputable, professional movers, you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to moving equipment and vehicles. In contrast, many DIY moving truck rental companies fail to maintain their vehicles and equipment properly.


In fact, one of the most well-known truck rental companies in the U.S. has been under investigation multiple times for its failure to maintain moving trucks properly. Emergency brakes have failed, safety inspections have been overdue by at least a year, and repair records have been falsified. Who is this company? A quick Google search will tell you.


When it comes to damaged belongings, those can be replaced. But when you or your loved ones plan to ride in a rented moving truck, you can’t take any chances.


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If you’re planning a relocation, hiring professional movers is the best way to complete your move safely and efficiently. At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we strive to provide the highest quality moving services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro and have proudly served our neighbors since 1958. Whether you’re looking for full packing services, storage solutions, long-distance moving services, or a custom move plan, we’ve got you covered.


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