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How to Manage a Long-Distance Move With Young Children

If you’re moving long distance with young kids and are worried about how they’ll adjust to the relocation, chances are you’re feeling a bit stressed. But while moving is inherently stressful to some degree, having children in tow doesn’t have to make it considerably more taxing — at least not when you’re well-prepared to handle the whole ordeal. 

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Moving With Kids? How to Plan & Execute a Successful Relocation

Moving with kids can be challenging, especially if your kids don’t really want to settle down in a new location. Beyond objections, though, moving with children almost always involves additional planning and preparation, simply because you have more stuff to transport.

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How to Help Your Child Adjust to Moving

Moving is a big deal for your family whether you are moving out of state or moving locally. For children of all ages, this is even harder. They lose friends. They don't fall asleep easily or sleep well. They wake up in a new place. Your teenager may get angry or insecure. Little kids get clingy and often regress.

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