The first day in a new home is full of relief, anticipation, and dread. A plan how to tackle the process of settling in can keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

What You Need to Do During the First 24 Hours in a New Home

There is a mountain of things you need to do before your new house will seem like a home to you and your family. You can't do everything the first day, but here are a few of tasks you should try to finish within the first 24 hours.

Make sure everything arrived and works. Before your movers leave, go through your moving inventory checklist to make sure all of your boxes have arrived. Check for any damage to your belongings and plug in and turn on your major home appliances.

Arrange for a locksmith to change your locks. You don't know who has keys to your new home. It is always a good idea to have your locks changed as early as possible after you arrive.

Unpack your essentials. This is where having the foresight of packing a separate box of essentials pays off. Find a place for all your essentials like toilet paper, snacks, bottled drinks, and cleaning supplies.

Deep clean your new home. If you did not have your new home professionally cleaned before moving in, now is the time to make sure it is spotless. Thoroughly clean your house, replace the toilet seats and the shower curtains.

Take a walk around the neighborhood. Be sure to take a break from cleaning and unpacking to take a stroll around your new home. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and enjoy dinner in one of the local restaurants.

Make the first night sleeping arrangement. You might not have the time to set up the bedroom furniture, so the first night in your new house you may be "roughing it". If you have young kids, having a family "sleepover" in the living room may help keep them from being frightened in the new house.

Plan for the next day. Make sure everyone has everything they need for the next day. If you have to go to work or your kids need to go to school tomorrow plan for it now.

Go to sleep early. There is still a lot to do and you will need your energy.

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