If you’re a business owner and need to relocate your office for any reason, the mere idea of moving all that stuff can feel overwhelming. Trying to juggle daily business operations and all the responsibilities that come along with an office relocation is stressful at best, and at worst, it can be downright exasperating. But that doesn’t have to be your experience — not when you hire commercial moving services, anyway. 

Why should you seriously consider bringing in professional office movers for your upcoming relocation? Read on to find out.

Office Movers Know How to Keep Your Equipment Safe During the Move

No matter where you’re moving — whether it's across town, to a new city, or another state — office movers know how to get all of your equipment to your destination safely. They’re highly trained professionals who know how to securely pack and protect even your most delicate electronics, decor, and furniture pieces. If you want all of your things to arrive intact, working with a reputable commercial moving company is your best bet for ensuring that happens.

More importantly, hiring office movers in lieu of asking your employees for help will ensure all staff members (and you!) remain safe throughout the move. The last you want or need is a workers’ comp claim on your hands during your relocation, so keep that in mind!

Hiring Commercial Movers Helps Minimize Stress on Your and Your Staff

Although assigning moving tasks to your staff might save you a little money, it’s important to understand that many people don’t know how to pack or move safely or efficiently. If that’s true of many of your employees, you could be putting your expensive equipment and your staff’s safety at risk.

Furthermore, your staff signed on to handle the responsibilities of their respective positions, and depending on the nature of your business, they may already be under considerable stress. It’s neither considerate nor fair — and it’s also not part of their job description — to ask them to handle the relocation of your office.

Exceptional employers actively look for ways to keep their employees happy, productive, and efficient. Asking your staff to take on moving duties in addition to their regular tasks doesn’t exactly accomplish that objective. 

Commercial Moving Companies Provide Moving Insurance

When you hire a commercial moving company, liability insurance comes standard. That insurance will reimburse you for a percentage of an item’s value in the event that it incurs damage or gets lost during the move. If you perform a DIY move, you won’t have that coverage, so you’ll have to eat the cost of any damage or loss that may occur during the relocation.

Most commercial moving companies also offer optional coverage upgrades that provide a higher level of reimbursement. You’ll have to pay for the additional coverage, but it’s 100% worth your peace of mind.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Renting or Purchasing Moving Equipment

When you perform a DIY office move, you (or someone you delegate to) will be responsible for sourcing all the moving equipment and supplies you’ll need. Depending on the size of your office, you may need to rent multiple moving trucks, and you’ll definitely need:

●        Furniture and appliance dollies

●        Floor and furniture protection

●        Boxes and crates

●        Bubble wrap, packing paper, stretch wrap, and other packing materials

●        Ramps for moving large furniture and equipment

●        Straps and other stabilizing equipment for large items

When you hire office movers, on the other hand, all of the equipment and moving supplies you need are included in the moving service. If you don’t want the headache of coordinating, renting, purchasing, or returning a bunch of move-related supplies, hiring a professional team is the best way to go.

Commercial Movers Provide On-Site, Pre-Move Planning Assistance

Not sure how to even get started planning your office relocation? You’re not alone. An office move is a major endeavor and requires extensive planning to avoid hiccups in both the move process and your daily business operations. A professional moving team can help take all that planning off your plate.

Commercial movers can create a custom move plan specifically for your business and they also provide on-site planning assistance in advance of your relocation. Since they have years of experience moving all types and sizes of commercial businesses, their expertise can be incredibly valuable.

Hiring Office Movers Can Save You Money

Although it seems logical to pursue a DIY relocation if you’re trying to cut costs, taking the DIY route for an office move might actually cost you more than you think. If even one employee gets injured or one major piece of equipment incurs irreparable damage, you could be out thousands of dollars.

Hiring office movers is certainly an investment, but considering everything that could go wrong during a DIY relocation, you’ll likely end up saving money in the long run by hiring the pros.

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