You love your baby grand piano, but it is time to move. With an investment like your baby grand piano, there are many things to consider when moving it. Taking care in the moving process can insure that your baby grand piano won’t suffer damage in your move. Ace Midwest Moving brings you advice on how to move your baby grand piano.


Use Professionals to Move Your Baby Grand Piano

Moving something as large as a baby grand piano is a task for professionals. Attempting piano moving as a DIY project could possibly damage your piano. Look for a company that is fully insured and has piano moving experience. Remember to ask for references from other customers they have served.


Manpower to Move Your Baby Grand Piano

When considering moving your baby grand piano, remember you need extra manpower. While a two-man crew is usually sufficient in normal household furniture moving, a baby grand will take that third person. If you need to negotiate stairs in your move, you will need a fourth person. The extra people can handle the size and weight of something as large as your piano. Your average baby grand piano weighs nearly 600 pounds and can top out at 1200 pounds.


Packing Process for Your Baby Grand Piano Move

A bit of good preparation in packing your baby grand will make all the difference in your piano making it through your local or interstate move damage-free. Removing and wrapping each component of the piano will protect your piano in your move. You should use a quilted piano cover to fully cover the body of your baby grand. Here are some items to remember to remove and wrap when packing your baby grand piano:


●        Piano Lid

●        Pedals

●        Lyre and Music Rack

●        Piano Legs

●        Shrink Wrap and Label all Spare Parts


Use of Piano Board in a Move

Make sure your moving company utilizes a piano board in the moving of your baby grand piano. A piano board is also known as a skid board. It is a platform with wheels and an elongated base with straps specifically designed for moving the body of your baby grand piano. The board allows the piano to be fully strapped in and moved without slipping off. You should not use a regular furniture dolly for moving your baby grand as it could cause possible damage.


Baby Grand Piano Movers in Minneapolis

You want to protect your possessions in your local or interstate move. We are professional movers who are fully licensed and insured. We care for and respect your prized possessions. Look to the movers at Ace Midwest Moving for your next move. For more information, give us a call at 763-755-2045, or you can message us at