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One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving is packing your clothes. It’s emotionally taxing on you to parse through every article determining what to keep, let alone the physical demand that packing and moving your clothes requires during relocation. Our residential and commercial moving services in the Twin Cities, Minnesota can take the stress out of relocation. Let's take a look at some industry tips for packing your clothes efficiently.


1. Invest In Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are found in bulk at your local big box store and are handy when moving clothing. Bins are far easier to carry and stack than standard cardboard boxes. Because they are reusable, they’re perfect for permanent storage or for easily moving items from room to room. When you have seasonal items to store in a garage or closet, plastic bins will keep moisture, bugs, and dust from ruining your items. Dropping a mothball in each container will further prevent stale air and moths.


2. Save Space With Vacuum Bags

When you pull all your clothes out for moving, it’s surprising just how much volume they take up. Reduce the amount of space required, and hence the number of boxes needed, buy sealing your clothes in a vacuum bag. The plastic protects the clothing while the vacuum removes the air, reducing the space by 300-500%.


3. Organize Clothing By Room

Boxes or bins packed with your clothes should be visibly labeled as clothing and include the room they are to be unpacked to. This saves a lot of trouble opening boxes and remembering where they go. Appropriate labeling and organization will facilitate getting every clothing box moved to the exact place it needs to go. Consider labeling that includes contents, destination room, and final location such as a dresser, closet, or storage.


4. Toss What You Can Before You Pack

The rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t work in a year. Unfortunately, many people have emotional attachments to clothing. It’s also not uncommon to store perfectly good clothes that are either too big or too small when a life change has you between sizes. If you can live without it, toss it. The less you have, the less you have to pack and move. Downsizing your wardrobe before you move will pay off in the long run by saving time unpacking or looking for specific pieces.


5. Consider Using a Moving Company

By far, the easiest way to pack your clothes is not to pack them at all. This is where moving companies provide incredible value and peace of mind. From crating, packing, and storage, to military and international moves, a professional mover packs and moves your items safely so you can focus on everything else. Relocating is a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.


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