Transporting a piano from one location to another is always a delicate matter. In addition to the weight of the instrument, you also have to contend with all the moving parts as well as the piano going out of tune (which can be assumed). Rather than moving the piano yourself, a job of this magnitude needs to be handled by a team of Ace Moving & Storage specialists. Below is a simple guide that will help us move your piano in a manner that is efficient and safe.


How Big is Your Piano?

As you might expect, no two pianos are alike. Different companies make different models that come in all shapes and sizes. If you break pianos down into categories you essentially have two types:


Upright/Console. Commonly known as a ‘box’, upright pianos look like a large wood box with pedals. They range from 36’ inches tall all the up to 50” tall. They usually weigh between 300-500 lbs.


Grand. A ‘grand’ piano is a generalized size range for pianos that are anywhere from 4.5 feet in length to 9’ feet in length. They can weigh as much as 1300 pounds. They are extremely difficult to move due to their non-symmetrical shape and heavy wood and metal components.


Preparing for the Move

Before we move your piano, we recommend that you make proper preparations so that our job is easier and your piano arrives to its destination intact.


●        If possible, we recommend moving the piano separately from all other furniture. Do not stack anything on the piano and do not place it next to metal items or other items that can hurt the piano’s finish or parts.


●        Make sure there is a clear path from the piano to the entrance of the door that we will use to move it. Remember, that we will need to use the door that the piano can fit through. A double door nearest to the moving truck is preferred. The same is true for the moving destination.


●        We may need to remove the legs to the piano to fit it through any doorway. Do not do this yourself. We have the proper tools, and knowledge to both remove the piano legs and store them.


●        Give us plenty of time to move the piano. This is a job that does not need to be rushed. We will have to move slowly and strategically and transport the piano slowly on the vehicle.


●        We recommend getting moving insurance for your piano. Transporting a piano down the road means facing the dangers of OTHER drivers on the road who may not have the skill and training as our company’s driving.


Will Your Piano Stay in Tune?

The short answer is no. Any experienced piano player will already assume that a piano will go out of tune. In most cases, a piano will not hold it’s tune even if it is moved across a room, much less if it is moved across town or across the country no matter how carefully it is moved. Try to schedule a piano tuner in advance to tune the piano after it arrives and is placed in position in your new home.


Trust Your Piano with Ace Midwest Moving & Storage

When it’s time to move your piano, leave it in the hands of the experts at Ace Midwest Moving & Storage. We value your piano as much as you do, and we will ensure that it is moved safely from point A to point B. Call us today at 763-755-2045 to schedule a move. We can deliver your upright or grand piano anywhere in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area and beyond.